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Do you Suffer from Excess Local Sweating? (Focal Hyperhidrosis)?

  • Which drips and embarrasses
  • Which requires clothing  changes
  • Which leaves wet marks, limits colours, and stains
  • Which leaves wetness on ink, paper, and computers
  • Which affects  hand shaking, interviews, fine dexterity
  • Which messes hair style, smears glasses, and stings eyes
  • Which imprints floors, slips in sandals and on marble tiles
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Topicals: -Try First. Often Effective and Inexpensive. Technique Important:

Aluminum salts: Aluminium chloride or aluminium chloride hexahydrate at 1-4%, combined with deodorant, is the most common ingredient in standard under-arm anti-perspirants. Hyperhidrosis requires  greater concentrations. To minimize irritation, these stronger products are best applied at bedtime.  Be certain the skin is dry, as these products may  irritate moist skin.  If tolerated, a second application in the morning  is beneficial. Start  slowly with a low concentration and increase as tolerated.  These products  may take a few days  to take effect.

Examples are:  Xerac AC 6.5%,  Certain Dri Pads 12.5%,  Hydrosal 15% +2% salicylic acid,  Drysol 20%. A pharmacist can increase  percentages, but local irritation is limiting.  Adjust  concentration to the skin area. ie: full strength on  palms and soles but mild on the face. Gloves or Saran wrap at night, over palms and soles, increases  penetration and results.  Skin irritation can be reduced by  hydrocortisone 1% cream (non-prescription in  USA but prescription in Canada) or non-prescription  hydrocortisone ½ % cream.  

Topical glycopyrrolate( Secure Pads 1-3%):---particularly for the face. Available at (1-800-727-5048); 311 Sherbourne Street (at Gerrard), Toronto, Ontario, M5A 3Y1.  (Please inform us of other distributors). Studies  from Britain and  South Korea, showed  these pads to be effective for facial and scalp sweating. Several of our patients have confirmed this. Studies on other body areas are lacking.  Systemic absorption of  glycopyrrolate can occur, so read  instructions carefully ;--and read  the section below on the oral form.

Glutaraldehyde 10% aqueous for feet is available in  many  pharmacies, and can be applied to the feet by cotton swabs daily, or a few times a week. May be  effective, but it produces  brownish discolouration, which  impairs  summer use.