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Do you Suffer from Excess Local Sweating? (Focal Hyperhidrosis)?

  • Which drips and embarrasses
  • Which requires clothing  changes
  • Which leaves wet marks, limits colours, and stains
  • Which leaves wetness on ink, paper, and computers
  • Which affects  hand shaking, interviews, fine dexterity
  • Which messes hair style, smears glasses, and stings eyes
  • Which imprints floors, slips in sandals and on marble tiles
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Localized Surgery for Underarm Sweating

Most underarm sweat glands are located centrally. They can be identified by the iodine cornstarch test. The overlying skin and the active underlying sweat glands are surgically removed. Surgery is usually performed under general anaesthetic. Patients will be off work for 1 to 5 days and for about 2-4 weeks if performing physical activities or active sports. Most patients achieve good results, but there is about a 7% failure rate. Compensatory sweating in other parts of the body has not been a problem. Many plastic surgeons perform this surgery and OHIP covers it. Other surgical methods include liposuction and subcutaneous curettage but these are not widely available and are not OHIP covered. I have read about the microwave machine ‘MiraDry’ by Miramar. The preliminary reports are interesting but are company funded. I await independent views and appreciate feedback